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One of my passions

I started skating when I was three. I've been enjoying the exhilaration of the world's fastest team sport ever since.

Hockey has been a family activity for us. My brother and sister both play, and my father coaches. Even my mother, who is from Japan, grew up skating and is a big fan of the sport.

We make a rink in our back yard every winter, and apart from having a great time playing pickup games with friends, I've enjoyed teaching the game to friends who never played.


Career so far

My game

In hockey, I've played both offense and defense. I consider myself a strong skater, a hard worker and a good playmaker.

At age 15, and then again at age 16, after getting selected in local and state tryouts, I got invited to try out for the USA national team. I didn't make it, but I was able to hold my own and this has given me the confidence that I can play at a high level.

After the 16U camp, scouts for the website "" ranked me #66 out of the 180 players who got invited. They wrote this about me:

Henry (Kodi) Dotterer #14 Team White (Left, Forward, 5’8”, 165, Rochester Selects 16, Late 2003)-  Simply put, Kodi is a hard worker. The late 2003 is relentless when it comes to tracking pucks down and plays the game with some real grit. He’s a quick skater and pushes the pace of the game. He takes hits to make plays and did a nice job at finding open teammates. In the 3v3 small games at practice he came up the ice and saw no passing option so he cut across the top of the circle to create space — smart hockey play. He is clever and patient with the puck. Dotterer also has a quick release as he dangled on the rush and fired a wrister off of the top crossbar. He is not afraid to pull up and shoot when given the opportunity and was creative in his approach; he flew by d-men at times. He scored a nice simple rebound goal in tight credited to being in the right place at the right time. Kodi is a reliable player who made others better and he finished with two goals and two assists.


One of my goals at the 16U National Camp. I'm #14 in white.

Recent highlights

I'm currently playing for Phillips Exeter Academy, under coaches Dana Barbin and Tim Mitropoulos. I have not yet uploaded any video from this season.

Last season, I played for the Syracuse Nationals AAA 18U team, coached by
Topher Scott, head of the Hockey Think Tank and former captain at Cornell. Here is a video that Coach Scott put together for me of my highlights from the eight or so games we have been able to play this season. I'm #17 in red/white (playing left wing on our first line.)

Coach Scott was kind enough to write this letter of recommendation: 

Teaching others

I've had the chance to start teaching others the game at various levels. I really like having fun with little kids who are learning. I plan to keep doing this!

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