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It runs in the family

You could say that I come from a baseball family. in fact, "Henry Dotterer's" have been playing baseball competitively for four generations:

  • Henry Dotterer -- my great-grandfather -- played professionally and then served as a scout for the Yankees and other organizations.

  • Henry Dotterer -- my great uncle -- was a pro catcher. He is the only player ever to have hit a grand slam against Hall-of-Famer Sandy Koufax.

  • Henry Dotterer, my dad, was captain of the baseball team at MIT.

Apart from the Henry's, two other family members played professionally:​

  • Michael Dotterer, my cousin, is a Stanford hall-of-fame baseball and football player. He was signed by the Yankees but went to the NFL instead (where he won a super bowl with the Oakland Raiders.)

  • Thomas Dotterer -- my grandfather -- played professionally, and was my high school coach.

Baseball in the US

I've played baseball since little league. I throw right-handed and hit left-handed, and normally play outfield. I can hit for power and I am an aggressive baserunner. I have good speed and try to cover a lot of ground.

Here is some video from my sophomore varsity season. I hit around .390 and pitched a few times:

My grandfather is my coach. You can call him at 315-422-8440.

Baseball in Japan

I've also played baseball in Japan.


Growing up, I've spent most of each summer in my mom's hometown of Gojome in northern Japan. I played for the local baseball team there through middle school. Japanese baseball culture is legendary (I played against a team from Ohtani's prefecture, which is the next one over), and I am glad to have the chance to experience it first-hand, and to make great friendships along the way.

In Japan, I had to overcome a language barrier, but little by little worked my way into the core of the lineup. In my last at-bat in Japan, batting clean-up, I got the game-winning hit in extra innings to give our school its first-ever championship in the local invitational tournament.

Here is a recommendation from my coach there:

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