About Me

Where I'm from, my friends, my hobbies

My main home: Syracuse

I've grown up mostly in Syracuse, NY in the US -- it is a great place to grow up and have fun! See some pictures of my friends, my family, and our pets!


My other home: Gojome

My mom is from Japan, and I've spent most summers -- and a few semesters -- in my second home of Gojome, Akita, Japan. Over the years I've had some great times and made the best friends anyone could ever want!

My hobbies

I've spent a good amount of time playing sports, including hockey, baseball, soccer and surfing. I also have other hobbies, like cooking, doing "maker" projects and playing VR games.


“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Yogi Berra


Contact me

Email me: kodi@kodi.com

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